College Brain

Let your pillow do the talking!

Sneak into the bedroom / dorm room and replace the existing pillowcase with a COLLEGE BRAIN pillowcase or put a COLLEGE BRAIN pillowcase on your own pillow to see what reaction you get.

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pre med, pre law, pre mature

I need a GPS to find my GPA

hard licker served here

I will love you forever
OK, maybe two semesters

somma cum louder

I'm so toasted
I can't find my beer nuts

If you play your cards right
you can shuffle my deck

at least my pillow likes my head

I'm having the time of my life
What was your name again?

so many sexy inmates
in this institution
are making me a hardened criminal

be a nice puppy and bury my bone

I'm starring in a new production
called "Legs"-
Tonight is opening night


These pillowcases are high quality 50% polyester/50% cotton and will remain your favorites after many washings. For best results, wash pillowcase inside out. Pillowcase is Standard Size.

Every item has been carefully selected for your satisfaction. If for any reason a product does not meet your expectations, just contact me and I will gladly exchange it or refund the full merchandise price.

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