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thought for food


Now that we have homeland security,
I feel much better knowing that something
is dishwasher safe.



A new service provided by The Kitchen for people who need help identifying the aroma of food viewed on the internet.


I was once promised a micro wave
I was excited, until, what I got
was a "very small wave" good-bye.


The Stock Report

Beef stock was a bit bullish today
while chicken stock got canned
and fish stock jumped - tipping the scales


Everyone's Favorite

The Margarine Sandwich

Take two slices of bread, preferably bleached white and spongy in texture. Place the slices side by side on a flat surface. Set tub of margarine close by for easy access. You might want to check the "use by" date on the container, although it will probably say "best if used before the next millennium." With one hand, gently hold the slice of bread and with the other hand using a suitable utensil, spread a layer of margarine. I suggest a ? inch layer but can be adjusted to taste. Do the same with the other slice of bread. Now that the spreading of the margarine is complete, you have two options. You can either place the two slices of bread together, making sure that the margarine on the one slice of bread meets the margarine on the other slice. This completes the traditional style of sandwich preparation. Or, some people prefer to eat the slices of bread individually. This style is called the "open face sandwich." However you eat your sandwich, the margarine sandwich is a treat at any time. Bon appetite.

Other popular topics:

How to boil an egg - How to toast bread - How to wipe your mouth. When to use your napkin or your sleeve.


Do you have a sweet tooth for eye candy?


I think, therefore I yam


My favorite recipe for Pumpkin pi

Start with 3.1415926535897932384626433832
cups of mashed pumpkin...


I swear it seems like I just had a beer
-must be dj brew


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